Mr. Nilesh Laddad – Director Planedge Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

"We hired Actualise 1 year ago and the journey has been beautiful. Attrition rate has been controlled. We have streamlined all our HR process. We have started treating our team members as an asset rather than treating them as people. The best thing that we achieved due to Actualise is that our connectivity between the head-office and 30+ site office has improved. The organisation is now working as a single body of 150 strong team. It has been very transparent working with Actualise. Together we are creating Planedge as an organisation where people would come to work not just for the salary but for the value that Planedge will give them, as a work place to work at."

Delta Interiors

Mr. Rajeev Shah – Principle Designer – Delta Interiors

"Actualise understands our needs and are integral part of our organisation. They built a tailor-made package for us. Specially, Sachet Mehta works proactively and plans accordingly. My special compliments and thanks to Actualise for supporting IIID in recruitment of their staff, free of cost, as a social responsibility. Our best wishes to Actualise and the team."


Mr. Yatin Tambe – Director – FWT

"Actualise brought sincerity, discipline and structure to FWT. The quality of hiring has improved. One of the significant value-addition of Actualise, is to deliver beyond our expectations. They are more like our partners than vendors. I wish Actualise, All the Best."


Mr. Niranjan Ghatpande – Director – Ghatpande Property Consultants

"Actualise team started working on our vision and broke our mindset to move out of a small office to a bigger office. They pushed us consistently to grow beyond our capabilities. They not just helped us in growing the team size, but also structuring them and helping us start newer verticals. Actualise conducts a review every quarter to strategise future developments. They have truly been our partners in growth. And we strongly recommend them, to you for your growth."