Human Organisation Potential Enablement (HOPE)

Evaluate, Develop, Standardize

FACT: A working professional invests at least a third of day with the organisation (assuming 8 working hours per day).

This fact entails that most of the waking hours are invested, by the professional, in the organisation. Hence, it is very important these hours are spent in harmony rather than in conflict. HOPE offers a range of services that achieves this harmony and develops fullest potential of an employee (working professional) and the organisation.

Employee Aspect:

We perform Competency mapping, conduct various psychometric tests and activities which include DISC profiling, extended DISC profiling from one of global providers in the domain of DISC based assessment platforms, Leadership, Sales and Customer Service assessments. These results are shared with the leadership team of the organisation so that employee personalities can be effectively harnessed for employee-organisation empowerment.

Organisation Aspect:

For an organisation to achieve its maximum potential, one needs to have a clear vision and strategy or tactic to reach there. The former is achieved through Actualise ODNA Solution (Organisational Development Need Analysis), while the latter is achieved through Actualise SOPs Solution.

ODNA is a process that:


Implementing SOPs: