A Visionary, A Guide

A dynamic entrepreneur and Chairman of The Chrysalis Group, MG started his journey towards entrepreneurship in the year 1997. A visionary as well as a matter-of-fact guru, MG has trained more than half a million individuals to take leadership of their life while positively influencing the lives of people they meet in turn. He is the recognized authority in human dynamics, leadership development, entrepreneurship enablement and organizational turnaround. He understands the entrepreneur and the challenges he and his organisation face. He has served as the advisor, mentor and coach to leaders & entrepreneurs around the country. As a founder member of Actualise Business Solutions, MG provides path-breaking insights towards empowering the organisation, its leaders and its Human Assets.


Sachet Mehta

A Spontaneous Strategist

A strategist is the one who can sense potential and decipher the equation to achieve and maximise it. If that is true, Sachet imbibes every element of a thorough strategist. A compulsive problem-solver, he is an expert in understanding the human element of an organisation. With a keen eye for detail, he is quick to spot any bottlenecks or issues and comes up with the most pragmatic solutions spontaneously. As a creative and resourceful entrepreneur, he fosters even the smallest of ideas into bigger realities.

Sachet is an MBA holder in HR from Pune University. Being brought up in a family, rich in values and culture, he has inherited his honesty, sincerity and dedication to work from his parents. Working directly with MG for Chrysalis in various functions of Sales, Entrepreneur Development, Training and Strategy, Sachet gained entrepreneurial skills from him. He is passionate about helping people and organisations achieve their maximum potential and grow. His attitude to take 100% ownership of the work and exceed expectations has won him several accolades. A person who thrives on spontaneity, Sachet can swiftly comprehend complex concepts, people and situations.

His fundamentals about HR functions and systems are strong and he has several practical examples on how to overcome organisational issues. His vision for Actualise is to be a solutions-driven, rather than services-driven, company that helps building Human Assets for the country.

Management Team


Swati Mehta

A Methodical Task Master

When a person is systematic, there is a lot of clarity in the person's thought process, actions and expectations. Swati's inherent passion for bringing in structure to any work makes Actualise soar to greater heights swiftly. A Post Graduate in HR & MPM from Pune University, Swati leads the daily operations of Actualise from the front. A keen and a quick learner, seizing even the smallest of opportunities to learn and grow, Swati is multi-talented. Having a perfect blend of emotional connect and practicality, she can easily empathise with people and their problems. Her strong belief of "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" has gifted Actualise its proactive culture. This is further supported by her intrinsic intuitive power. Both these qualities help Actualise achieve its goals even when the target-lines are aggressive.

If Sachet is a strategist, Swati is a task master. These complementing traits have made Actualise a true recipe for success. A highly motivated and career-oriented operations manager, she is confident to build Actualise as one of the top Human Asset consulting companies in India.


Rajesh Deshmukh

A Compassionate People-Person

Someone everyone likes to talk to, listen to and be friends with, Rajesh Deshmukh is a total people-person. Under the title of Associate Talent Acquisition at Actualise Business Solutions, Rajesh spearheads end-to-end recruitment process for its Clients. Understanding exact client requirements is his forte and that helps him recommend the right candidate first time, every time. But that's not the end of it; he ensures a thorough handholding for the candidate as well as the client throughout the recruitment, on-boarding and review process so that a proper alignment is achieved. Leading the recruitment team at Actualise, he focuses on achieving monthly and quarterly targets and also identifies and drafts training programs for employees.

Rajesh is a graduate in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and an MBA with specialization in HR as well as Marketing. Prior to Actualise, Rajesh has a hands-on experience in hardcore sales and marketing. His proactive approach and ability to win customer trust helped him win "The Salesman of the Year" and "The Best Employee of the Year" awards in his previous organisations. He is passionate about making the best out of current resources.

"Actualise is one of the best Human Resource firms I have come across. Its philosophy that every human is an asset immediately struck a chord within me. It gives me the opportunity to meet and understand candidates, the clients and their businesses. Every day I learn something new and that energizes me. I believe we have a dynamic team that is passionate about building Actualise into a brand that SMEs would look up to."


Rashmi Thakur

Artistic, Bubbly, Go-getter

A person full of life, energy and ideas, Rashmi is passionate about making a difference in people's lives. An MBA in HR from MIT College and Bachelor of Foreign Trade from MITSOM, she has around 7 years of strong experience as an HR Specialist.

Rashmi has the ability to quickly identify people and their motivations. At Actualise, she works on one of the most critical areas for any company – the Human Asset Management System – HAMS . Specialising in human asset system and process implementation for Actualise clients, she designs their HA policies and defines job responsibilities. Having worked with clients from a variety of industries including design, manufacturing, automation fixtures, food industries, real-estate and creative arts, she has gained the practical knowledge of human asset related issues faced by them and hence can design viable solutions that address these challenges. With an unwavering focus on the implementation, and not just documentation, she conducts relevant process trainings and ensures a thorough handholding throughout the implementation of the project.

A leader by heart, she has spearheaded several cultural programs in her role as a cultural head for 3 years at MIT. A trained Kathak Dancer, she has been very active in choreographing for various cultural events and programs. She has also acquired certification in fine-arts and has been pursuing this passion for the past 7 years. An extremely grounded person, she is one with whom anyone can easily connect.

"Working at Actualise makes me know myself better every day. Here, I experience freedom to express new ideas and nourish them into practical solutions in this creative work environment. I know that at Actualise, I have actualised my dream to work as Strategic HR professional, while expanding my capability horizons every day." Says Rashmi.